Northwoods Blues Licks / Coffee & Guitar

My pal and former bandmate Darin Bergsven started a YouTube channel during the pandemic called Coffee & Guitar, playing every Saturday morning to whoever tuned in live, then archiving the recordings in his YouTube channel. He teaches guitar, and expanded his weekly show to include guest guitarists. He recently expanded his empire again with Northwoods Blues Licks, a short, educational series where he breaks down some of the parts played by his very talented guests, and asked me to create an animated intro and outro for the show.

If you’re interested in learning guitar, this is a great resource, and watching these people play together is inspirational. Episode One just went live, the guest was Ron Koivisto – click here to view on YouTube. (The video is set to non-embeddable)

For the Coffee & Guitar series, I also did the intro an outro, combining a little bit of animation with live-action stuff I shot with Darin. I supplied him with some templates he could use, and helped him figure out a 2-camera video production setup on a budget so he could do some editing after the shows were recorded. He has posted many “singles” from the sessions, here are a couple. You should also check out the versions of “Days Like These” and “Don’t Walk Away” with Alan Sparhawk from Low. (Click the names for the Youtube links, these were also set to non-embeddable)

Jimi Cooper – “Lazy River”

Colleen Myhre – “Harvey’s Got A Gambling Problem”

Peter Knutson – “Sunny”

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