Tangier 57: There is a World

A music video from the album It Is People!. Take a little trip with Tangier 57.

Winner, 2nd place in the 2012 Duluth Playhouse Short Shorts film contest.

Written, performed, and conceived by Tangier 57
Darin Bergsven as Thurston: Guitar, Vocals, Trombone, Percussion
Chris Bacigalupo as The Major: Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Doug Hatten as Rain Clave: Bass, Harmonica
David Syring as The Professor N’ Marion: Trumpet, Cornet, Mbira
Paul Wartman as Dr. Pénè Mündé: Keyboards
Robert Linnemann as Salah Ascot Xanadu: Alto Saxophone, Vocals
Brian Barber as Geert “sticks” VanderWhacker: Drums, Guitar, Vocals

Directed by Chris Bacigalupo and Brian Barber
Animation and editing by Brian Barber
3D modeling by Chris Bacigalupo
Sexy rockstar poses by Darin Bergsven

Here’s some behind the scenes magic.

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