St Lukes doctor profiles.

I work with St. Luke’s to produce about 10 of these “Caring for our community.” profiles per year. They are used as TV ads, on social media, and on the St. Luke’s website with the doctor’s information page. This is the most recent ad we produced.

I also do similar work with the St. Luke’s Foundation, producing their annual fundraising video. Traditionally, the video has been shown at their live dinner and event, but the last two years have been virtual, putting even more importance on getting the video message just right.
Here’s an example from a few years ago.

Marshall STEM, Arts, Music and Theater fundraising and overview

I have produced fundraising and project videos for Marshall School for several years. When they are ready to kick off a project, we interview key staff and sometimes students to get the background and perspectives, and use B-Roll we gather to illustrate the points being made. These videos have been used for both in-person and virtual fundraisers, on social media, as TV ads, and on Marshall’s website.

Loll Designs tour.

After being bought by Landscape Forms, Loll asked me to help them do a spontaneous, unscripted tour video to show internally to employees in the other companies under the Landscape Forms umbrella. We did a walk-through with CEO Greg Benson explaining the process, then captured B-Roll footage of their process and interviews with individual managers.

When they launched the Salmela collection by architect David Salmela several years ago, Loll asked me to produce this video in which the designer tells about his ideas for the chairs and provided a sneak peek at the products.