Samples for Rural Center

Here are some finished pieces you may be interested in. These are built around interviews, with additional graphics, B-Roll footage, and other information integrated into them.

Involta virtual tour
Used on Involta’s website, at trade shows, and anywhere they need an engaging overview of their services. This was also customized to other location by substituting shots from local facilities, and interview segments from local data center managers.

David Salmela profile for Loll Designs

Maurices – Technical Design Department
An internal video aimed at store associates and employees at the corporate office, explaining what the technical design department did.

Maurices Denim info
Part of a 3-part series shown to sales associates to educate them about denim.

Western Lake Superior Sanitary District Explainer Animation

Used by WLSSD to seek funding, explain the program to the public and to government officials.

Maurices – Be a Billion
The 2nd of a 3 part series of internal videos shown at staff meetings and distributed through the company intranet as Maurices was preparing to reach a billion dollar goal.