Animation / Motion Graphics and Videography Demo Reels

Current sizzle reels of recent work.

St Luke’s TV / Social Media / Website

I shoot and edit most of the St. Luke’s TV ads, and then re-edit pieces for use on social media and doctor profiles on the St. Luke’s website. Here are some samples of that work.

St. Luke’s Foundation – George

I’ve created the event videos for the St. Luke’s Foundation for many years. In 2021, the project was the birthing center, and the event was virtual. So we developed a few teasers and introductory content with “George” who had been featured in St. Luke’s TV ads for the birthing center the previous year.

Perfect Duluth Day Holiday Videos

For many years, we worked with local musicians to create music videos that had a loose connection to the holiday season.

Perfect Duluth Day, “Shift”

A sample from a collection of interesting job profiles we produced for PDD.

Homegrown Music Video Festival

I’ve contributed local music videos for many of the Homegrown Music Video Fests, collaborating with local musicians, and using the opportunity to try out new techniques, or get weird and experimental. This was one of the most fun videos I did.