2015 Animation, Motion Graphics Demo Reel

Samples of motion graphics, animation, effects, 3D, compositing, and logo animations. Lots of little pieces of things I’ve worked on since putting together my last demo reel, around the end of 2012. The work was for TV ads, corporate videos, instructional videos, web site and social media videos and more.

  • Bird
  • BDE
  • Beer
  • Action
  • Keepaways
  • Elf Jambox
  • Maurices
  • Demo Reel 2015.Still008
  • Loll Chair Exploded
  • Cop in Cafe
  • Starling of Athens
  • Demo Reel 2015 Version 2.00_01_28_11.Still010

I also shot the live-action footage with a couple of exceptions.

Demo Reel 2015.Still008
The Over the Edge scenes were shot by Dave Stokes at Stokes Media House.

Demo Reel 2015.Still009
The Magnetation heavy equipment and Christmas present footage was shot by Dean Vogtman of Happy Tree Productions.

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