Maurices Training Samples

Used internally for sales associates to learn techniques, technical info, and special offers. I did the shooting, editing, graphics and coordination with each of the training providers.

Maurices Internal Marketing

Part of a series of profiles about different departments inside the corporation, explaining what they do and how they fit into the whole.

Maurices Be a Billion Internal Marketing

Part of a series of 3 videos intended to congratulate and motivate employees as the company was on the threshold of reaching a billion dollars in sales.

Benedictine Health System

Profiles of specific facilities, constructed with interviews of actual residents and staff. A challenging project because you never know what you’ll get when interviewing a random sampling of people. These were used at an annual conference for BHS, and are now used on the facilities’ websites.

Safe Haven

Safe Haven is a women’s shelter in Duluth, I volunteered to produce the video for their 2017 fundraising luncheon.

Sacred Heart Hospital

I worked with HTK Marketing to produce this series of videos for TV and Social Media. HTK provided the concept, I did the editing, graphics and animation.

Giant Voices / Share Advantage

TV and Social Media for Share Advantage Credit Union. I worked with Giant Voices to develop the concept and design. I did all editing, animation and production coordination.

WLSSD Biogas Program

I worked with the marketing department of WLSSD to develop a brief, simplified description of a gross, icky process. They use this video at trade shows, their website and in presentations to lawmakers and decision-makers when seeking funding and support.

St. Lukes

Nurse training in a “Wrong Way/Right Way” format. A series of 17 videos shot on an extremely tight production schedule using real employees, so the “acting” is pretty stiff and cheesy, but these were a successful way to get key patient care concepts across to a large staff.