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Animated Robots!

January 18th, 2016 | Animation, Blog | 0 Comment

I took some drawings that I did of Robots (available as prints!) and animated them, and added sound effects with stuff around the ...

WLSSD Biogas

December 31st, 2015 | Animation, Video Production | 0 Comment

The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District handles the wastewater for Duluth and the surrounding area. They needed a way to simplify and explain their biogas program. They collect the gas produced by sludge left over from the sewage treatment process, and convert it ...

2015 Animation, Motion Graphics Demo Reel

Samples of motion graphics, animation, effects, 3D, compositing, and logo animations. Lots of little pieces of things I've worked on since putting together my last demo reel, around the end of 2012. The work was for TV ads, corporate videos, instructional videos, web ...

Loll Chair Exploded

Loll Recycling

15 Second Instagram animation for Loll Designs. They make their outdoor furniture from recycled milk