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Starling of Athens music video

Starling of Athens from Brian Barber on Vimeo. An animated music video done for the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival. Participants are assigned a random song by a local band, and they make a video for it. This is for Toby Thomas Churchill's side project, Starling of ...

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Woodblind: Big Voice

January 23rd, 2015 | Animation, Featured, Music Videos, Silly, Video | 0 Comment

Music video for Duluth acoustic ska band Woodblind. Guitar/Vocals: Jason Wussow Bass/Vocals: Veikko Lepisto Acoustic ska à la 1960s’ Jamaica and 70s’ ...

2015 Demo Reel

These are samples of motion graphics, animation, effects, 3D, compositing, logo animations and so on. Lots of little pieces of things I've worked on since putting together my last demo reel, around the end of 2012. The work was for TV ads, corporate videos, ...

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Loll Cleaning Kit (Available Soon)

The Loll Cleaning Kit (available Feb 2015) helps keep your outdoor furniture looking great, regardless of what your guests, invited or uninvited do to it. I did the shooting, editing and animation. I also shot many of the still photos used in the brochure for the ...